Friday, August 27, 2010


My job search has finally come to a great close and let me tell you how.  I had an interview with Nest (a swanky home interior store) when I was mentally thinking of all the great stores around it.  One of those stores is BabyBliss owned by the adorable and sweet Carrie that I knew from my Little Ella days.  On a whim I emailed and asked if she was hiring and she saw me the NEXT DAY!  We hit it off and it was very refreshing to hear in an official interview that she was thrilled about my pregnancy. Ha!

I start immediately after Labor Day and will be full time.  When Patrick found out where I got hired he immediately gave me a speech about spending my whole paycheck in the store.  :)

The baby store front

The MiniMe store attached to BabyBliss (ages toddler thru 10)


  1. YAY LAUREN! Sounds perfect for you! I'm so happy for you- Congrats!!!

  2. I can't believe I'm just now reading you got a job! YEA! And, what a nurturing place to work, AND you were able to 'fess up your condition without any qualms. :) Can't wait to see you tomorrow & hear more......proud of you!!

  3. So fun! Congrats! That place looks so cute... may have to come and check it out ;)! Now, put a picture of you on here please :)