Monday, August 16, 2010

Hi Everyone!~Baby Cone

Today we went to a special sono to detect any chances of genetic diseases.  As depressing as that sounds it was actually nice to have an excuse to see the baby!  It was so great to see a baby instead of a blob where you pretend you know where it is in the picture. 

The doctor said everything looked good! The heartbeat came through nice and strong at 165 and there were two arms and two legs which is a plus.  He had a guess of the sex but we told him not to say yet.  It's a little too soon and when we find out, I don't want a guess!  We will go back in five weeks to check all organs and bones to make sure everything is okay. 


  1. Oh how thrilling! It's so exciting to take a peek at baby C! It makes it feel so real. Can't wait to watch both of you grow, healthy and happy. Love you all!

  2. Yay Lauren! So happy for you! I'm excited to follow your pregnancy journey and glad we get to do some of it together!!

  3. I LOVE baby Cone!!! How fun to see his/her sweet little profile!