Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mini Vacay!

I am not really sure what I am taking a vacation FROM exactly, but nonetheless, I'm excited!  Patrick will be filming at a kids camp near the Tanglewood Resort in Texoma, TX and has invited me to come along. These are rare, rare moments so I am jumping at the opportunity.  I am hoping that someday Patrick will get gigs in exotic locations that
1.  I can afford to go to with him and
2.  I can take the time off. 

The weather will be climbing up to 100 degrees and this place has three pools so I will be fit to be tied!! I'm going to the library tomorrow to pick out a great book (Krista, any suggestions? You never let me down.) and I will try to visit all three blue chlorinated organ shapes. 

Can't wait!!!


  1. So thrilled you get to go with Patrick on this! R&R, sweet girl! What a pretty resort.....

  2. Whenever J & A visit next, they're bringing you the latest Rick Riordan book. Mockingjay comes out August 24. Did you ever read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society? It's a great pool or beach read, if you haven't! When is your trip?

  3. We went last weekend! It was great but so so so hot! I have two other girls here STUCK on Hunger Games and we're all waiting for the third book. I haven't heard of those other two but I will go to my library and check them out! I always love your suggestions...