Saturday, July 24, 2010

In a Ship on the Rollin' Seas to Nowhere

I thankfully do not have morning sickness but I AM starting to feel the nauseous bug.  No matter how plain or small my meal, I feel very sea sick afterward.  Ginger Ale has been a God send and I've finally learned to just eat about six small meals a day.

Enough whining though! I have to go over my adventures from yesterday!

While playing with Sebastian, I noticed something caught in his fur and pulled it out.  I set it on the coffee table  TICKS!  I, of course, immediately freaked out and looked for more and found another.  Thank the Lord that our vet is at the end of our street and they accept walk ins.  Once there, the doctor found two more on him and other bites.  They pulled them off and subscribed an antibiotic.  I am suddenly wishing I could strip off all of my clothes and have her check me as thoroughly as she did Sebastian.  Sadly I'm in the wrong medical facilities for that so I'll just make Patrick do it.  (We'll play Brad Paisley's song "I'd like to check you for ticks" to make it more interesting.)  So far the little black cub is doing fine and hopefully the medicine won't make him sick.  Will keep you updated on any upchuck adventures that I'm sure are to come.

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