Monday, October 22, 2012

Arboretum Date

Eliot has a new partner in crime.  Her name is Meg.  She goes to his school and lives in our neighborhood.  Meg's mama Becca let us know that Tuesday at the Arboretum was for tots.  Meg showed E the ropes when it came to the petting zoo and he reminded her of the awesome teepee to play in.  

Eliot was so THRILLED to see farm animals for the first time.  Do you know how many children's books, songs, toys, are focused around farm animals?  A FRAZZLIN' LOT.  He knows them by name and loves to make their sounds but was speechless when he finally saw them.  Surprisingly, he wasn't nervous and went STRAIGHT for the chickens.  He also picked the bunny up by his ears which made the "bunny handler" very unhappy.  I told him to chill because this little boy's daddy used to be a world famous magician (in his backyard.... at the ripe old age of twelve).

Can we say prom date anyone?

Meg is straight from the pages of Crew Cuts and Eliot wishes he was as smooth

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