Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday, E!

 Yesterday was Eliot's big birthday celebrated and our family, friends, and PINTEREST were invited!  The lovely images are by Rachel Johnson (thanks, gir!) unless specified otherwise.

cupcakes, cups of lemonade, and treat bags

You can never go wrong with Chic Fil A

Tissue pom poms (one of my first successful DIY projects!)

blueberry lemonade cupcakes and mini cake

treat bags for the kids

Me and Blair

Mom, E and me

"Where's my cake?"
"Why is there fire on it?"

I had to give my cautious baby a tiny taste

The anticipation (sorry folks, you will be highly disappointed)

Maybe he needed more than just a tiny taste

There we go!!

"It's also fun to throw it on the bench seat"
Patrick's camera trumps all other dads' cameras


Kyla and Blair as the bouncers

NOW he wants to eat more cake (off of the bench)

high five for a successful party!

More pictures can be found on Facebook and I'm sure all other forms of social media.  All in all it was a wonderful day and we are so grateful for a happy healthy little tyke.  He received some great books and seemed to enjoy his cake (after much pondering and deliberating).  Here's to another great year with Eliot!!

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