Saturday, January 7, 2012

January: The Month of Good Intentions

This January is the first time I am making a serious resolution.  I normally don't make them because I can't keep them past Feb 1 so what's the point?  Well the point this year is this...I have to get in shape.  I have become what I said I wouldn't;  a coffee mug totin', robe wearing, house shoe wearing blob.  I want to feel fit, good, energized, and most of all I want to wear my expensive Hudson jeans that I love so much.  So here is my inspiration:

Every time I see this, it makes me laugh..and then cry a little.  I really want to look like the top girl and abandon the bottom girl.

Not the number but the scale itself is motivation.  I know, I know.  I typically am not a big fan of scales.  It's about how you feel and how your jeans fit.  But deep down inside of me I am a sales girl.  I like numbers and I like results.  Maybe this can be a little motivation in the sense of goals and actually reaching them.

Who isn't motivated by buying new clothes (a whole untapped category in your closet)?!

And this girl.  She totally inspires me.  This is my razorback game partner and we like to talk about life while pretending to be interested in our husbands' obsession.  She started with a  60 second jog on a treadmill and is now running crazy 5k's and the like.  You can follow her amazingly funny and insightful blog here.

Dr. Oz said when making resolutions you should write them down (I'll count this) and tell as many people as possible (this totally counts..all 11 of my followers).

So I raise my water bottle in a toast! May this year be devoted to good health and happiness (which is not measured on a scale, I know) and to the January of good intentions turning into the year of RESULTS.

WISH ME LUCK and good luck to you and your 2012 resolutions.

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