Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dear Eliot: Eleven Months

Dear Eliot,

It's amazing how much a baby at this age can learn, grow, (get into) in just four short weeks.  You're still as fun as a barrel of monkeys (and sometimes as messy) and we love you very, very much.  Here's what you have been doing the last four weeks.

-  You are eating a lot and are slowly getting over your baby food which makes your dad elated because he wants to cook for you.
 - You still sleep 7-ish to 7-ish and are wearing size 3 diapers.  I have no idea how big you are at this point but I know that your 12 month sleepers are about to make your toes curl.

 - You look at us and "say" things with such conviction and we feel bad that we don't know Eliotish.
 - You can now play pat-a-cake, wave bye bye, and show us the number 1 with your index finger.
 - You still don't want to hold your bottle unless we physically put it in your mouth and wrap your hands around it.  Which we do. Every.time.
 - You now want everything that we are eating and have taken on Sebastian's begging habits.  You are way better than he is.
 - Bath time is so much fun for you but you do not like bubbles in it.  You just sit there and look at us like we have put you in a tub full of slime.
 - When you are tired you have discovered this thing called a whine.  You have it down perfectly.
 - Your dad has decided to pack up and join the circus this month..well not Barnum and Bailey but the Polyphonic Spree circus.  I am so very proud of him and he hopes that you will be too.  He's doing a good job of teaching you to follow your dreams.

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