Monday, August 29, 2011

Sitting Pretty

Look at this precious boy sitting up! I am so proud of him and wondering who is teaching
him all these wonderful tricks.  Every day I wake up and wonder what new (and of course brilliant
to me) thing he is going to do.  Today it was sitting up.


  1. Ahhh!!! Look at Eliot, sitting all by himself and flashing those big, brown eyes! Please bring him to Brooklyn!!!! ASAP!!!!

  2. I think Eliot would love Brooklyn! SO much to look at! He is such the big boy, Aunt Krista. I think he & Eliza would get along famously, don't you? :)

  3. Yes, Eliot & Eliza would love each other. Although, now that Eliza is starting to walk, there is concern that she would take Eliot's toys and waddle away with them...

  4. What a handsome fella! He changes so much everytime I see him!