Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Five Months, E!

It's so hard to not go ON AND ON about all the new things you do, because let's face it...between four and five months a lifetime happens!  So I will take my cue from Dave Letterman and do the five month top ten.

10 - You can now roll from your back to your stomach and if you get really frustrated in your crib you can do stomach to back.
9 - Eating is now your favorite thing to do.  You usually take down a veggie or fruit in the morning and rice cereal at night.  So far the menu includes squash, sweet potatoes, pears, bananas, and apples.  You love them all but HOOVER bananas. 
8 - YOU.HAVE.TEETH. And yes that is plural.  Mr. and Mrs. Tooth have moved into the downstairs of your mouth and word on the street is..they are bringing all their friends and relatives a little earlier than expected.
7 - We are much obliged that you have dropped your 5ish feeding and are now (knocking on wood) sleeping from 7ish to 6:30-7 again.  Napping is another post entirely.
6 - Stinky and poopy are your favorite words in the whole wide world. 
5 - You have outgrown your bathtub, your play mat, and most of your 3-6 month footies.  YOU.ARE.SO.LONG.
4 - The babbling is outrageous and we love you for it.  You've even gotten comments from sales clerks, cashiers, neighbors, and random bystanders.
3 -  You follow Sebastian with your eyes everywhere and get frustrated if you can't see him.  You reach out and pet him which obviously Sebastian is thrilled with (who is doing the training around here??).  We now have to teach Sebas not to scratch you like he does us when you stop.
2 - When you wake up in the mornings, you are so happy and talky.  Therefore, I bring you into our bed to talk to and roll around on Daddy.
1 - Everything is new (and sometimes scary, sometimes exciting) for you and we love looking at this great big world through your eyes.  You continue to cast your spell on us and everyone in your presence.  We love you so very much!!

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  1. Eliot is wonderful! I can't wait to see what he says (!) & does these next few months-----he's getting such a precious personality! He's also very smart, if I do say so, & I do because I'm his Annie....... :)