Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Four Months!

Dear Eliot,

I cannot begin to describe how exciting every day is.  We have no idea what new trick you'll surprise us with!  You're extremely comfortable with "tummy time" as you sleep on your stomach.  You prop those little dimpled elbows up and look around now when you're done with your naps and it's SO.STINKIN.CUTE to see when I walk in there to get you.  You have decided to start telling us all kinds of things and we imagine that you're talking about your dreams, your love of formula, the fear that is invoked from seeing Mommy's hair in the morning,  and your distaste for the 102 degree weather. 
You have now been to Arkansas, Mississippi, AND Florida and will soon be embarking on your next adventure to San Diego, CA.  I am hoping that you love flying way more than you love riding in the car!
The things that you can now add to your little baby repertoire are as follows:

  • laughing (seriously, your dad and I compete to see who can make you laugh)
  • grabbing AND holding on to toys, rattles, your blanket, Mama's jewelry
  • you finally LOVE bath love to kick and place both of your hands on your knees like a little Russian dancer
  • you have discovered your hands and you like to fold them in prayer, wave them in front of your face, stare cross eyed at them, and put them in your mouth
  • following Sebastian around the room with your eyes.  Y'all have now been formally introduced.
  • arching your back! When you no longer want to be where you are (bouncy seat, play mat, etc.) you throw those arms up over your head and arch your back.  It's hard for me not to just watch you grunt and throw your little fit because it's QUITE entertaining.
  • napping! You are a wonderful napper and have gotten consistent with them. There is a morning nap, an afternoon nap, and a little 30/45 minute snooze around 5.  This might soon be replaced with eating rice cereal.
As always, know that Daddy and I pray for you constantly.  We hope you'll be patient with us as we are always growing and learning how to be gracious God seeking parents.  We love you SO.MUCH.


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