Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Eliot got to attend his first birthday party and I'm so glad that it was Ryan Kiser's!  Ryan's mama and daddy are great friends of ours and I wouldn't have missed his 5th birthday party for the world. 

It was as cowboy theme and by the way, this boy LOVES to pose for pictures.

The party favors... I have no idea what is in them because I haven't opened mine yet but they looked awfully cute!

This is baby Jack and he is three months old.  Don't you love that hair??

Cowboy boot cookies

Our children (Sebastian included) are DRAWN to this woman.  Kyla - the baby/dog whisperer.

And I wish I had the background noise to go with this pic.  There were at least 20 screaming children, loads of talking adults, and any other birthday sound you can imagine.  No longer will we be tip-toeing through the house when he sleeps!

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