Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gen-er-a-tion Time, Come on!

This weekend we took Eliot on his first road trip to Little Rock to meet all the family there and in Searcy.  Eliot did so well (even with a cold..yes, another one) and he LOVED his nursery at Annie and Granddad's house.  We can't wait to go back in May when hopefully Eliot is feeling better and is even more playful and alert.

Grandaddy (Andee's dad), Eliot, Andee and Patrick

Eliot, Grandmama (Andee's mom), Andee, and Patrick

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  1. Annie loved that Eliot loves his baby bed here. May is such a wonderful month, & I bet that sweet baby will feel lots better when he returns, though he was pretty sweet for having a cold! He tries not to be trouble....... :)