Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St. Patty's! (kinda late)

We had a really big day on St. Patty's.  We went to the hospital to get a blood screening which resulted in one of my favorite conversations with someone regarding Eliot's name. (the Tech's voice should be to the tune of Bon Qui Qui)
Tech: What is your son's first name?
Me: August
Tech: It says here in our system that it's Eliot.
Me: His name is August Eliot but he goes by Eliot.
Tech: So what is his first name?
Me: (sigh) August
Tech: What is his legal name on his BIRF CERTIF-I-KIT
Me: (double sigh) August Eliot Cone
Tech: We gonna have to change the system.

Thankfully she was very quick and efficient and Eliot was a trooper during the whole ordeal.  He was however NOT a trooper during his bath that evening (he hates them).  HOWEVER it caused him to sleep last night from 10-2 woop woop!! I know I just jinxed myself....oh well.


  1. Happy 1st St. Patty's Day little Cone!!!!!!! Hope your next ones are less frustrating & more fun!

  2. He's such a wee sweet boy!
    Believe me, he'll get to where he loves bathtime---hang in there! Can't wait to give him one! :)