Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stirrup Time

I had my first "no pant" appointment (as my doctor calls it) yesterday and was excited to learn that I'm one cm dilated and that the baby's head is really low (or "engaged" as my websites call it). 

I know this doesn't necessarily mean anything but it is better than having no progession at all.

The due date will remain the same and I'm predicting that he will come in March.  Still praying that he
doesn't come in the next couple of days as Patrick is still sunning himself on a beach in Honduras with his
bff Tim. 

As I'm looking out at the North Pole from my front window this is what Patty Cakes and Timmy are enjoying...yeah...he owes me a girl trip.


  1. I volunteer to accompany you on a girls' trip!

    So glad my little nephew is doing well and getting ready... Because we're more than ready to meet him!

  2. YES you will accompany me on a girls trip!

    I'm also so ready to meet him. :)

  3. March is a great birth month! Can't wait to hear the updates as you progress... and I can't wait to go on a girls trip!!!!