Friday, February 25, 2011

May I Have Your Attention Please....

As most of you probably know by now (ahem...Facebook) our little one has arrived.  He is absolute perfection and we are so blessed!  The very summed up details of labor and delivery are below and the first couple of days home will be on another post another day.  So much to cover!

9:00 pm Monday night - contractions 10-12 mins apart
1:00 am Tuesday morning - insist that Patrick get some sleep..they'll probably go away
2:30 am - call the doctor and let her know what's happening.  She tells me to come, being the medical professional that I am, decides against that.
4:00 am - okay, so maybe it really is the real thing.  WAKE UP PATRICK.
5:00 am - check into hospital, call mom, holy crap get me an epidural sometime in the near future.
Sometime in the morning get epidural and FEELING GOOD!  :)
Lunch - CONES HERE! so excited that they made it and can't wait to give them their first grandbaby
Progressing, progressing, progressing.....stop progressing.  Add pitocin to my drip please, bar tender.
2:30 - where is mom and sister?? I'm 8 cm!
Mom and Sister arrive just in time.  Mom, please grab my leg, I can't seem to feel it.
1. push
2. push
3. push
4. push
5. push
6. push
3:52 pm - HEEEEEEE'S HEEEEEEERE!!!!!!!
Patrick filmed the whole thing (from behind my head, thank goodness) so maybe some day I can add some rad music and post on here.


  1. Can't wait to hold him and tell him in person that I love him!!! You are absolutely a CHAMP, Lauren!

  2. I second Krista! It was such an amazing day for all of us who could be there, but a day that you & Patrick will hold in your hearts forever!

    Are you still going to blog? Hope you will if you can find the TIME! :)