Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Days!

I have to admit, I've been a little envious of people's blog and facebook posts regarding snow days.  WELL envy can flee because I got my own and they are as wonderful as I imagined.  I didn't have a lot of these growing up (hailing from the great state of MS) so it's been fun to burrow down and just relax.  It's also been relaxing to me to get laundry done, work on my part time job, play with Sebastian, take naps with Sebastian, bug Patrick in his office, and bake cupcakes!  I am not a domestic lady by any stretch of the imagine but it's been fun to pretend these last 24 hours.

It's not Chicago or anything but still.


Everything slightly white is ICE.  No snow here folks.

This is Sebastian's sleepy face.  He has not been sleeping at night and me thinks he smells impending life change.

"Don't you want to pet me?"

The only bad thing about this weather is that I had to miss a weekly dr. appt this morning which included a sono.  This was to check the baby's position and weight so hopefully they can reschedule me for Friday morning! Will keep you updated.


  1. Everyone needs days like the ones you've had the last two or three to slow down, relax, sleep, & be together. Love the pics.....

  2. Oh, look at that little Sebastian face! Haha, his world is about to be rocked, but I think he'll enjoy having a playmate whenever the little man gets big enough to entertain him. Bummed about all the snow/ice down south, but I hope you enjoy relaxing and nesting!

  3. I am NOT complaining because I know y'all have had it much worse. It IS really pretty, I just think it belongs in the mountains of CO. Don't you think?