Thursday, December 2, 2010

So the nursery II....

Things I'm thinking about:

possible fabric for glider with white piping (more aqua in person than blue)

fabric for crib skirt and pillow on window seat

mobile above crib OR 

Love this! Basically the colors of the nursery

I really like this rug for some reason..not sure if it "goes" but ....

I love this numbers poster in the perfect mustard yellow and maybe our little boy will be this cute too!


  1. My opinions: So bright and cheery! I love the animal art!! And the fabric colors AND the rug! I want a planet mobile above my bed, but I like the bright animals one for Baby. Are you still thinking about framing the old picture book pages?

  2. I AM! I love that little book (called Sunny and Gay) and can't wait to frame those. I just realized that I don't remember where I found all those prints!! shoot...pregnant brain strikes again.

  3. Love all the color & pattern combinations! I think the rug would work great, too. And, I have NO doubt your little boy will be CUTER than the one in the pic---& he's pretty cute! :)
    Sorry I missed your call tonight. I can't wait to catch up.....