Saturday, October 23, 2010


I had the pleasure of meeting a very loud, talkative mother today with her very distracted five year old son Hudson.  She talked every breath and every time she asked me a question or my opinion she would cut me off with her answer.  She was an SNL character in body.

Now shall I tell you the best part of the story?  She had a ton of bags and I offered to help her to her car.  She proclaimed in about 500 unnecessary words that I could hold her son's hand for her.  (At one point a cop car rolled by and she told her son to pay attention and be really good because a cop was watching...SCARY!)  Right as we were coming up to the car and she had asked me the 10th invasive question about my pregnancy and unborn child I noticed that her son was kissing my hand.  Sweet.  I thanked him for his gratefulness and she proceeded to tell her child to KISS.MY.BELLY.

I don't think you heard me.  She made her son kiss my stomach.  I've heard some crazy stories of old creepy ladies rubbing pregnant tummies in grocery check out lanes but this was beyond my wildest nightmares.  Maybe I'm cynical and disturbed but this was not endearing or even okay with me.

Got any of your own stories or friends' stories to share? I'm dying for you to beat this one....

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