Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Light the Night Walk

Sunday evening our church participated in the 2010 Light the Night Walk to raise awareness for Leukemia and Lymphoma patients.  Sadly, we have a little girl in our lives named Salomea that has been battling Leukemia for the majority of her four years.  She is in remission currently, but started radiation again this week.  The walk went fabulously and she and her family hopefully felt God's love and blessings showered on them as they were surrounded by so many people who love them and want a cure. 

Our group!! Salomea is in the very front.

It's hard to tell here but our balloons had battery operated lights in them.  It was so beautiful!

Precious Salomea! Keep her and her family in your prayers as they embark on yet another rough round of radiation.

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  1. Darling little girl. Praying for her & her parents......