Monday, October 18, 2010

Let HIM Eat Cake!

Patrick and I decided to have a "gender reveal" party where we get to find out the sex of our little pea along with our closest friends.   It proved to be very thrilling to do and I highly suggest it!  We did it in the form of cake balls which actually proved to be appropriate for the occasion..... (that's for you, Mom).'s a BOY! And we couldn't be more thrilled.  I am glad to give Krista and Alex a nephew as they are swimming in nieces and my brother Seth is pumped beyond belief (as much as an 18 year old boy can show over the phone anyways).  I haven't gotten my sister's opinion but she's so good with babies that I'm sure she could care less as long as she can be the favorite Aunt Alex.  Both my mom and Andee will be able to give me heaps of advice on raising boys which will be wonderful also.  

Can I just tell you how great it is to say he and him instead of it or Baby?  It's GREAT!  


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  2. I would have loved to have been there, that's such a fun way to find out. I'm thrilled that y'all are having a boy, it just seems right for you two. Can't wait to meet HIM!!!!