Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Our precious neighbors Sean and Mike threw their 2nd annual Halloween Bash and we had a blast last night!  We copied someone's idea from facebook last year and went as a shotgun wedding.

We obviously had a lot of fun in character....

A little too much fun...

Our friends and neighbors Rob and Ron

One of the hosts...Mike


  1. WHERE did Patrick purchase his hair?! Y'all do "redneck" up right good. :)

  2. I bet all the girls were right jealous of your tee-r-uh bling!

  3. Actually, on this evening, I think most of the boys were Krista...

  4. I bought Patrick's mullet wig at PARTY CITY! Isn't it fab?? I hope we get invited to a wig party next year SO.THAT.I.CAN.WEAR.IT.

  5. Have you watched any of My Name Is Earl? These pictures totally make me think of that show!

  6. I have! So funny! And we do look similar to those characters...