Friday, September 17, 2010


It has been a very long time since I have posted and I have done so much! I am SICK that I haven't taken pictures of any of those things to display but oh well. 

Patrick and I had an AWESOME time tailgating at the Little Rock Razorback vs. ULM game!  There was much to eat which was good for this mama and great people to visit with.  It was Sebastian's first time to tailgate and all in all he did pretty well.  I will say that he likes his voice to be heard.
Whelp! Tomorrow I am 17 weeks pregnant so see below what the baby is up to.

Speaking of packing on the pounds, that what it's all about for baby this week. He's adding fat stores that will keep him warm and cozy after he's born. Your baby's weight will increase approximately six times over the next four weeks. Good to know you're not the only one tipping the scale. Also this week:

Your baby is hard at work honing his sucking and swallowing reflexes—all the better for eating that 2 AM (and 5 AM, and 8 AM ...) meal in a few months! The finger- and toenails are beginning to grow from their nail beds, which would explain why he'll need them trimmed almost as soon as he's born!


  1. Love hearing what Baby Cone is doing these days..... :)

  2. Grow, Baby, Grow!!! I second Andee on the pic! You can also do one with your hands in the shape of a heart. Presh. :)