Monday, August 9, 2010

Baby Update!

I am now 11 weeks and with this week comes challenges of cravings, hiding my expanding waist line and chest, and keeping the moods even keel!

We told our house church last night and everybody was really really excited.  We have been amazed and a little surprised at how excited the GUYS are that we tell.  Haha!

This week I will possibly be getting a certain kind of sonogram to see what the chances are for genetic disorders so please keep that in your prayers!  This doctor is also known for being able to tell the sex this early but I think I'm going to hold off on that for a while.

What the baby is up to:

Your fetus currently enjoys a 1:1 ratio between body and head, and has skin so transparent that blood vessels show right through it. But fingers and toes are no longer webbed, and hair follicles, tooth buds, and nail beds are forming -- setting up a significantly more attractive future. 

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  1. So wonderful to have such a support group, & good friends who rejoice with you & Patrick! TWO different couples told us they were pregnant yesterday, & it's getting harder & harder to smile with mouth shut! :) Love reading what baby Cone is doing right now---he/she is accomplishing a lot this week. :) Love you very much!